EBVTR Board for Vocational Education

Educational Board of Vocational Training and Research (EBVTR) seeks to develop effective technical and vocational skills.



Development of Technical and Vocational Skills

EBVTR, which provides technical and vocational training, is under pressure to:

  • Develop technical skills, as well as employment and entrepreneurial abilities;
  • Better match skill development to industry demand;
  • Train and test for competency;
  • Increase access and cost-effectiveness to meet expanding demand.


A Skill in Demand project consists of three major components:

  • On-the-job training and education
  • Competency-based education and training
  • Open and distance learning, as well as technology-assisted learning



This initiative was supported by the EBVTR Affiliation.

Encourage the creation of high-quality, long-term skill-training facilities across the country.

With the purpose of gaining considerable private sector operational and financial participation, support and supervise private sector skill development efforts through appropriate Public-Private Partnership frameworks.

Act as a by injecting capital into industries where market processes are inadequate or non-existent.

Make efforts that can grow or catalyse India's capacity and skilling quality a top priority.


Student Loans for Skill Development:


Do you require financial assistance in order to participate in the Skill India programme and complete your preferred skill training? Then EBVTR's are exactly what you need! It offers a wide range of financing options, as well as a quick online application, no paperwork, and a flexible payback schedule.


What is the purpose of skill development?


We are giving the country a fantastic opportunity to develop a highly skilled workforce. Given the recent emphasis on skill development, efforts have been made across all industries to provide high-quality skill training to current and future workforces. It was critical to ensure that everyone had a fair chance.



By boosting the aspiration level of skills, we stimulate new talent, assist sectoral development, and contribute to the country's economic prosperity.



Through state and national events, we empower and guide India's youngsters to reach their greatest potential.




We work with governments, industry, and trainers to deliver appropriate skilling materials and expand our global reach.




By polishing skills to international standards and training applicants to compete on international stages, we strive for perfection.