Educational Board of Vocational Training and Research (EBVTR) an autonomous education society registered under act. 21, 1860 F-65931

Educational Board of Vocational Training and Research is a leading global talent development organization of India spanning in our country. It takes up resource activities for computer education skill program training, vocational education training and training and education field, electronics and information technology.

The EBVTR has been playing a very important role in the field of technical / vocational education by promoting vocational education among the masses without any commercial ambitions. The EBVTR started conducting Open Merit Examinations of the students sponsored by the Affiliated Institutions at various centers all over India. These examinations have gained immense popularity in India. With the steady growth of industrial and IT developments in the post-independence period the need for technically qualified personnel increased but the facilities for training remained limited. EBVTR took the lead in framing common syllabi for examinations in the various faculties and started conducting examinations on All India basis.

Education is an endless process needed for the development of any nation. India being one of the developing country concentrates on four aspects of youth education as maximum percent of youth are in our country and who are going to build this universe. The four central aspects of youth education are identified as: (1) lifelong learning ;(2) an amplified version of basic education which includes pre-school, elementary and secondary level education; (3) links between formal and non-formal education; and (4) education for work.

First three are practiced by all the schools but the schools less concern the last one education for work. This aspect can be affected by means of vocational training.

Educational Board of vocational training and research has team of dedicated professionals manage education. The entire course is designed with balanced working of realistic modules. Affiliated to EBVTR More than 25,000 students avail the facility and benefit from appearing for these examinations every year.

The syllabi for the different Certificate and Diploma courses are revised regularly and keep pace with the fast developing changes in the Industry necessitated by advances in the field of Information Technology. The syllabi gives due importance to Self-Employment of the country’s youth.

In the process of expansion this Organization will be spreading scores of centre all over the country EBVTR is trying to make the vocational training programme successful all over India to uplift Youth.