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The EBVTR has been playing a very important role in the field of technical / vocational education by promoting vocational education among the masses without any commercial ambitions. The EBVTR started conducting Open Merit Examinations of the students sponsored by the Affiliated Institutions at various centers all over India. These examinations have gained immense popularity in India. With the steady growth of industrial and IT developments in the post-independence period the need for technically qualified personnel increased but the facilities for training remained limited. EBVTR took the lead in framing common syllabi for examinations in the various faculties and started conducting examinations on All India basis.

Documents Required For Affiliation:

1. Institute Address.

2. Xerox copies of Pan card and Aadhar card.

3. Institute Electricity Bill (if Rented Rent Agreement).

4. Gumasta License.

5. Passport Size Photo / Institute Logo.

6. Email id and Mobile No.

7. Degree / Diploma Certificate.

After Receiving This Details You Will Receive One Confirmation Call / Email.

1. First Submit All the information and Documents that are Mentioned Above Also Fill Application Form

2. After submitting this you will get a Confirmation mail from EBVTR and Next step will be for Affiliation Fees.

3.After the Fee Payment You will get Another Confirmation E-mail. .

4. From Here You Are Good to go With Affiliation..

5. Once the affiliation is granted, the institution is allowed to advertise that it is affiliated with EBVTR. .

6. The display of certificates is prohibited for institutions after the expiration date of the affiliation or after the affiliation, if discontinued by the EBVTR for non-observance of the Rules prescribed by EBVTR.

1. Affiliation Registration fee to Rs. 15,000/- (Non – Refundable)

2. Affiliation Registration for (10 years) Rs.28,000/-(Non-Refundable).

3. Annual Affiliation Renewal fee of Rs. 2500/- (per year) & Rs. 6000 for (3 years) shall be paid by the affiliated institute, for continuing Affiliation with EBVTR.

3. VTC Name Change Fee – Rs.3000/- (Non Refundable).

4. If exceeds 6 course can be applied in any sector /industry, additional course fee Rs. 800 per course (Non- Refundable).

1. After Affiliation You can use Board Authority logo's For Advertising Purpose only

2. Institute Can Provide Certificates to their students of Board

3. Board will Provide Examination For Institute Students.

4. Board Will Provide You Promotional / convocation Banners For Advertising for your Institute (cdr / Pdf File)

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